Our Organic Glycerin Macerates are the result of a maceration of buds or young shoots, from trees, shrubs, bushes in a biological glycerin hydro-alcoholic solvent. These buds are harvested by us at the stage of development most appropriate to each.

Plants do not undergo any transportation or storage after harvest. They are macerated at the place of picking in glass bottles. It follows a long maceration of thirty days with regular agitation of the preparation.

This maturation at room temperature is followed by decantation, pressing of the residual plants and filtration of the extract obtained. Our preparations are then stored in glass bottles protected from light in a temperate room.

Gemmotherapy can be described as "global herbal medicine". It uses embryonic tissues, growing plants such as young shoots, buds or rootlets macerated on the place of picking in a mixture of organic glycerin, spring water and organic alcohol.

The embryonic tissues offer a higher content of active compounds (hormones, trace elements, vitamins, minerals) and a broader spectrum of action than each part of the plant taken alone.

Our range of Gemmotherapy is inspired by the original method of Dr. Pol Henry who advocates the dilution and Hahnemannienne dynamization. Dilution at 1X allows a lower concentration of resin, protection of buds throughout the winter, difficult to assimilate by the body.

However, for your product development needs we can offer you our Gemmotherapy strain (For this, contact us)

Bourgeon de figuier [Acanthis]

Bourgeon de figuier [Acanthis] Bourgeon de figuier [Acanthis] Bourgeons de figuier [Acanthis] Bourgeon de Frêne [Acanthis] Bourgeon de Sorbier domestique [Acanthis]




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