Our mother macerates (or mother tinctures) are the result of a maceration in an organic hydro-alcoholic solvent of fresh plants (leaves, flowers, roots, barks, twigs, whole plants or aerial parts) harvested by us, at the most appropriate development for each.

Plants do not undergo any transportation or storage after harvest. They are macerated at the place of picking in glass bottles. It follows a long maceration of thirty days with regular agitation of the preparation.

After this maturation at room temperature follows a decantation, a pressing of the residual plants and a filtration of the extract obtained. Our preparations are then stored in glass bottles protected from light in a temperate room.

Carrying information to our cells, alcohol gives to our extracts therapeutic efficiency. Essential for extraction, it releases the active ingredients of the plant. It is also a powerful natural and organic preservative.

Dynamization at 1X is done manually by repeated succussions. This procedure increases the therapeutic power of the substance.

Extraits de plantes fraîches [Acanthis]




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