Extracts manufacturing

We can at your request, fulfill your specifications to offer tailor made extracts. We manufacture all types extracts in bulk and also in packaged finished products.

The manufacturing calendar :

Reception of your request > Feasability and costs > Samples or pilot batch > Organic certification and regulatory dossier  > Validation & Manufacturing

Types of extract

> Hydro-alcoholic extracts

> Glycerinated hydro-alcoholic extracts

> hydro-glycerinated or glycerinated extracts

> Oily extracts or oily macerates

> Aqueous extracts

> Distilled water or floral water or Hydrolat

Examples of products

> Hydro-alcoholic extacts of Echinacea

> Glycerinated hydro-alcoholic extracts of fig tree

> Glycerinated extracts of grapefruit seed

> Oily macerate of Calendula

> Aqueous extracts of Mucus (Drool) of Escargot

> Distilled water of Kiwi

Extraction du Calendula [Acanthis]

Broyage écorce de Saule [Acanthis] Extraction Myrthe [Acanthis] Ecorce de Saule Broyée [Acanthis] Extraction écorce de Saule [Acanthis] Romarin frais [Acanthis] Extraction du Romarin [Acanthis]




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