Our philosophy

The Acanthis Laboratory, located in the Hautes-Alpes, in the heart of nature, is the result of the long-standing meeting of ten plant specialists, women and passionate men, all professionals: producers, processors, herbalists, botanists, ethnobotanists. Faced with the growing demands for quality products and elaborate products, in 2004 they founded the Acanthis Laboratory.

They have been working for many years to offer to pharmaceutical, dietary and cosmetic laboratories; plants of irreproachable quality. Our most demanding preparations are made from wild plants harvested in selected sites away from sources of pollution. These plants are also grown using agronomic methods that do not use chemical or synthetic inputs and outside intensive farming areas, sources of chemical contamination.

Our goal is to offer quality ingredients and products, we place a priority on certified organic raw materials, picked and grown locally.

Environmental respect and human respect are our priorities.

Une partie de l'équipe

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