If you are an individual person or a practitioner, please visit the website www.herbiolys.fr


a mark of the Acanthis laboratory, is the result of the long-standing meeting of seven plant specialists, all professionals: harvesters, producers, processors, herbalists, botanists, ethnobotanists.

Faced with the growing demand for quality products, these enthusiasts founded the brand HERBIOLYS in 2004.

Our finished products:

> Phytotherapy Extracts of fresh organic plants energized by hand (Phytolys range)

> Gemmotherapy Extracts of fresh organic Buds dynamized by hand (Gemmolys range)

> Elixirs Complex organic plant & bud boosted by hand (Elixirolys range)

> Wellbeing oils Face & body

> Weel-being soaps Soft cold saponification

> Birch sap Harvest and packaging by us in the Alps

Mentions & Certifications: Nature & Progress, Organic Farming, Slow Cosmetics, Adherents Supporters of the Syndicat Simples.





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